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In 1983, Dave Dunniplace changed the landscape of disc golf with “The Eagle,” the “World’s first disc designed specifically for the sport of Disc Golf.” Over three decades later, Innova is still the worldwide leader in the sport, consistently producing the most innovative and durable discs around. The company outfits Disc Golfers of all skill levels, from 12-time World Champion Ken Climo to the novice searching for a driver in the undergrowth. Innova’s wide selection of discs and four category ratings system (Speed, Glide, Turn, Fade) ensures that everyone has the best possible option available at any turn on the course.

It’s been a blast to collaborate with the folks at Innova. Especially when that work has involved playing disc golf, which we were able to do this summer at their original course at Floyd Fest in Floyd, VA. They also regularly turn out some of our favorite shirt graphics. Take this Destroyer shirt for example. So awesome! We recently caught up with Innova’s Zeb Campbell to talk about disc and course design, and more. Read on to hear what he had to say and be sure to stop by their factory store.

Innova has always been the leader in disc golf design. What is the company doing these days to bring the world better discs?

Our latest innovation is our VTech line of discs. These discs have a convex rim that feel great in the hand and offer more consistent flights at a wide range of launch speeds. The result is better control and lots more fun.

We played the course you designed and built at Floyd Fest. It was great. How did that project come about?

The Floyd Fest organizers approached Innova in early 2012 about designing and installing a permanent disc golf course. We obliged without hesitation and had the course installed and open for play that summer. Their Outdoor Adventures program now features disc golf, mountain biking & kayaking.

When you are approached about creating a new course, what are the basic goals you try to achieve with your design?

It usually starts with the goals of the property owner or parks department. We design courses that cater to casual family play, world class disc golf competition and all in between. The basic goal is to create a fun & challenging course with a variety of shots. We also try to showcase the natural beauty of the land we’re working with.

Innova has obviously always been a forward-thinking business. How important was it for you to team up with a sustainable apparel partner?

We’re happy to share that Innova Disc Golf courses have very little impact on the environment. Partnering with a sustainable company like Recover further promotes protecting the earth while providing Innova branding on high quality apparel.

What do you enjoy most about working with Recover?

Several things come to mind. The Recover staff is super friendly and always available to take my call. They offer just the right amount of options with their products which simplifies the ordering process. It’s obvious Recover designs their garments with the outdoor enthusiast in mind. Their products have an athletic cut with a nice organic look and feel. You wouldn’t know you’re wearing water bottles!

What’s on deck for Innova? Any new products or design projects coming up?

We have several new disc golf models in testing phase that should debut in early 2016. There are also plans to expand our throw and catch disc offerings. We are putting the finishing touches on our latest course designs at Camp Canaan in Rock Hill, SC. This incredibly beautiful facility offers multiple courses with options for all skill levels. This is a must play course if you’re in the area.

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