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Meet Recover Organic Cotton…

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We’ve got big news - we’ve been working hard to develop an organic cotton line like no other and it’s finally here for you to shop and enjoy this spring!  We are thrilled to introduce you to Recover organic cotton - this is what you’ve been waiting for.


Recover Organic- 100% ORGANIC AND LOCAL

Recover’s new organic cotton line is truly unique - the best of the best - 100% organic and local.  Our organic cotton is farmed, milled, cut and sewn in the Southeast.   It’s locally manufactured all within a 250 mile radius of our headquarters in North Carolina, greatly minimizing transportation-related carbon emissions and devoid of international shipping woes.  Being grown in the USA, our organic certification is upheld to its highest standards. And at the end of its long life, this new Recover organic cotton line fully biodegrades. 

Redefining eco-friendly and socially-responsible, Recover organic cotton is extremely soft, comfortable, and will definitely be your new favorite can’t-get-enough-of-it apparel.


Why Organic?

The farming of  conventional (non-organic cotton) uses toxic insecticides and pesticides, demands huge amounts of water leaving communities and ecosystems drained, reduces soil biodiversity and fertility, and introduces life-threatening health problems to farmers and families exposed to harmful chemicals.  

Quick Facts

  • The growing of conventional cotton uses 23% of the insecticides and pesticides in the entire world. 
  • Repeated exposure to these harmful chemicals results in loss of soil biodiversity and fertility and life-threatening problems for farmers and local communities exposed to them.
  • Growing organic cotton in our own backyard means we reduce runaway, unregulated cotton production abroad, in which local communities are losing their water and soil resources for food production and security.
  • Organic cotton eliminates GMOs and promotes crop diversity and resilience for more sustainable farming, environment, and economy.
  • Due to practices, growing organic cotton vs. conventional cotton greatly reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

Recover organic cotton is here and we're thrilled to bring it to you.  We're now offering Organic as a stocked product in our line in conjunction with our signature Classic and Sport styles.  To us, sustainability is a journey and the constant pursuit to do things better, which is why we're so excited to expand our catalog of sustainable apparel.


At Recover, we prioritize people + the planet every step of the way in everything we do. Investing in sustainability today for tomorrow for you and our collective communities is what we’re working for every day. Check out our new organic cotton line and get yours today!

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