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We sat down with brand ambassador Andrew Brodhead for a little Q&A. Andrew is a photographer, surfer and outdoor enthusiast.  Check out our exclusive interview. Andrew will be taking over our Instagram for the next few days so make sure to check out some of his work!  @recoverbrands


How did you come across Recover Brands?

One of my good friends, Jay, introduced me to the brand and after reading up on their process of recycling materials to make clothing, I was sold. I'm a huge advocate for sustainable products that better the world.


 What would you say your major passions are?

Photography, surfing, skating, camping, hiking, mountain biking, spear fishing, traveling...  Anything that allows me to be outside and living life. 

How does Recover and your passion mix?

Recover's products mix perfectly with all of my favorite outdoor activities, they're comfortable, ethical and solid products. I think it's really important to support companies that are dedicated to making a change in the way we source and manufacture products. 


Why is sustainability important to you?

Spending a lot of time outside makes you really appreciate the environment and realize how fragile our ecosystems can be. With global warming at the state that it is, its crucial for everyone to do their part and work towards sustainability. I think the Iroquois concept of thinking 7 generations ahead of ourselves is a really good way to think about taking care of the planet. My parents have owned a health food store for over 38 years and growing up in that environment definitely impacted my life. As I got more involved with outdoor sports and started seeing places that were heavily impacted by the human footprint, I realized how important it is to preserve these environments. 


What does the future of sustainability look like?

I'm really excited about the future when it comes to sustainability, one mans waist is another mans treasure. There's a lot of brilliant minds that are coming together to create symbiotic relationships in supply chains, where no waist is left behind and everything has a purpose. It all starts from awareness which then leads to movements. I'm really excited to see whats in store in the following years.


Where is coolest place you have ever surfed?

That's a hard question. I would say its a coin toss between Junkyards in Okinawa and Morrillo in Panama. But I am thoroughly enjoying surfing on the West coast right now. 


Thanks Andrew, we look forward to following you on your next adventures!  

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