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Recover Ambassador: Thayer Janes

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We recently sat down with brand ambassador, Thayer Janes, an avid traveler, fly-fisherman, surfer and entrepreneur, to ask a few questions. In the last few years, Thayer has explored the far reaches of Africa, Asia, Australia, New Zealand and Central America. When Thayer isn’t traveling or running his online creative marketing business, you can find him fly-fishing the rivers of his home state of Montana with his dog Nelson.  
How did you come across Recover Brands?
A coincidence really. I had a good friend, Neal introduce me to the brand. Next thing I knew, I had a bunch of product arrive to a local post office while I was living in Bali, Indonesia. It was awesome. I  took some photos and the rest is history.
What would you say your major passions are?
I love to travel more than anything. I think I love it so much because you really don’t know what’s going to happen when you step foot into another country. Every day is something new, every person you meet is someone new and life is just unexpected. I also love to surf and be in the ocean which goes hand-in-hand with travel often.
When I’m not traveling, I spend my time in my home state of Montana. I love to fly-fish and hang out with my dog, Nelson. I love to ski in the winter and be outside as much as possible during the summer.
How does Recover and your passion of travel mix?
First of all, I love the fabric. The fabric is super lightweight and comfortable. It dries really quickly and the sport series is perfect for surf rash guards. I also really love the mission behind the brand. We really need to start focusing on a more sustainable future which includes everything from what you eat to the clothes you wear.
What does the future of sustainability look like to you?
I think education is the next HUGE step in sustainability. We need to start educating the younger generations about more sustainable practices and what will happen if we don’t. We need to start implementing different principles both large and small if we want to create a better future for next generations to come.
What are your goals as a Brand Ambassador?
I want represent a company that matters and prides themselves on making a difference. To me, representing a company doing anything less is just a waste of time. I want to create some great content for Recover and inspire other people to pride themselves on the values of a brand, rather than the looks or popularity of a brand.
Do you have any next adventures planned?
I am going to Hawaii in October which I am really excited about. I will be exploring the Big Island and backpacking the Kalalau Trail in Kauai.  
Thanks for talking with us. We look forward to following you on your next adventures!  
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