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For anyone who has seen him ride a skateboard, Garrett Gourley, takes it to whole new level. Out of Boone, NC, Garrett is a big part of the growing NCDH scene. In this visual, he stepped onto a smaller sized board, the Comet Upcycle cruiser. The Upcycle is made from 100% scraped maple veneers. Follow Garrett as Thomas Richmond and Phil Baldwin capture the fun.

Interview with Recover Ambassador, Thomas Richmond, below.

How did you come across Recover Brands? 

I have been stoked on Comet Skateboards sustainable approach to providing the world with quality skateboards and ended up establishing a relationship with them as a photographer & visual producer.  It was once I started spending a lot of time in Boone, NC working with the downhill skate scene and my climbing friends that I realized my buddy was a relative of Recover’s CEO/Founder, Bill Johnston. Recover was actually collaborating with Comet on their T-shirt line and the Upcycle cruiser skateboard. Since then, I’ve gotten more passionate about incorporating sustainable product and ideas into my active lifestyle.

What would you say your major passions are?

Living in such a beautiful region of Appalachia makes it easy to enjoy a daily hike, skate, or swim in the backwoods.  My passions are the result of where I was raised and the community that I currently live in, Boone, NC.  Being a part of the ever-growing downhill skateboarding scene in North Carolina has shown me the importance of teamwork, community building, and ultimately the raw drive to wake up and do what you love.  Curating art shows and fostering inclusive exhibitions have always been intriguing to me, I like to bring people together. 

How does Recover and your passions mix?

Recover apparel offers a platform for a wide spectrum of enthusiasts to get involved.  For me, I find enjoyment through applying my passions of filmmaking and visual storytelling to support a company that is mindful of their impacts and influences on our society and world at large.  I find comfort in representing a company that takes the strides to be involved with the communities that they target. 


 Why is sustainability important to you? 

Environmental stewardship is at the top of my list.  What if companies, through the course of doing business, cleaned water, grew forests stronger, didn’t pollute the air, accumulated less waste, and enriched communities? (Check out the Jason Salfi - Comet Skateboards interview).  Being a skateboarder employs a DIY (do it yourself) attitude toward life, looking at possibilities and repurposing rather than contributing to the massive waste issues we’re dealing with in the world. I find it important to support companies that don’t solely exist to make profit but keep the environment and people in mind throughout the process.

What does the future of sustainability look like?

I feel that education and awareness are the fuel of the sustainability movement.  It’s important to note that anyone is capable of taking these strides, big and small, to create a better tomorrow.  Sustainability is not an exclusive club and should not be seen as a trend, but individuals working together and connecting to build stronger communities.  By applying our talents and ideas, we can leave this Earth better than we found it. 

Why is downhill skateboarding important to you?

The exploratory nature of downhill skateboarding throws you into many different environments and situations.   Although we capture photographs and create videos when we go skate mountains, they never fully do justice to the feelings we share when passing each other on a fast straight.  Big ups to our collective, North Carolina Downhill (NCDH), for cultivating a community through our passion for skateboarding. 





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