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Teton Gravity Research & Protect Our Winters

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Welcome to Winter.

This time of year, whether snow and mountains are near or far by distance, the sensations of winter and the adrenaline and fun of its gravity-driven snow sports are always close to home no matter where you are.  And in 2019, two of the globe’s leaders in creating inspiration and taking action for the snow season are two of Recover’s newest partners: Teton Gravity Research (TGR) and Protect Our Winters (POW).  

The now acclaimed ski, snowboard, surf, and adventure films of TGR all began with “a dream and a little cash scrapped together” from fishing in Alaska and heli-ski guiding.  In 1995, Steve Jones, Todd Jones, and Dirk Collin purchased some camera equipment and were soon joined by friend Corey Gavitt. Their aim was to capture the profound progression they were witnessing in action sports.  What viewers often forget is that the person behind the camera is skiing just as fast on just as steep lines as the subject (but with a camera in their hand), and just the same as the surfer in the frame, the cinematographer has to navigate the point break.  Simply put, while the TGR founders may have started out to capture a progression of action sports of which they were already a part of, there is no doubt that they actually avalanched a rapid progression of action and adventure-based film.

But as they put it, “Despite pushing boundaries, TGR also aims to tread lightly.”  From the beginning, the company recognized and put emphasis on the immense value of our playgrounds (whether that is the mountains, oceans, rivers, or sky) and the need to take care of them.  Always looking for ways to connect action for a positive impact, TGR’s retail shop in Jackson Hole and online shop now proudly boasts 100% recycled Recover co-branded gear, so check out the iconic TGR logo on Recover’s newest tees, tanks, and sweatshirts.  The shop also provides access and inspiration to film and filmmaking tools and equipment, as well as their most recent films.  


2018’s Far Out, Ode to Muir, Mountain in the Hallway, and Andy Irons: Kissed By God stand out for unique and high-def shots of what seems impossible.  The films range from exploring the unknown and going big, to individual battles of high-profile athletes with cancer and bipolar disorder.  2019 will surely continue to push what’s possible for TGR. As they continue to innovate and grow, the company continues to be committed to minimizing its impact on the environment and to supporting a range of environmental initiatives, including Protect Our Winters, One Percent for the Planet, BICEP, and the Surfrider Foundation.


Protect Our Winters (POW) is one of the most standout initiates addressing climate change out there.  Founded by professional snowboarder Jeremy Jones in 2007, POW “turns passionate outdoor people into effective climate advocates.”  


POW describes, “The northern hemisphere has already lost a million square miles of spring snowpack since 1970—an area three times the size of Texas.  Snow levels are rising in elevation and winters are shorter. Climate change is already affecting winter.” With the past 15 years being the warmest in recorded history and trends expecting to accelerate if drastic action is not taken, Jones founded POW to mobilize the snowsports community to unite individuals, pro athletes, resorts, communities, and winter sport companies to activate the network and political will at state and national levels needed to make a change.  While POW started as a simple seed of an idea over a decade ago, it now boasts over 130,000 immediate supporters and operates throughout the globe. From programs such as “Hot Planet Cool Athletes” in which schools can coordinate to have professional athletes speak about climate change at school assemblies, to lobbying in Washington, to creating such resources as “The  Climate Activist’s Road Map” POW takes a step back, looks at the big picture, and creates action on something that unites us all: a love of winter.

POW partnering with Recover for their 2019 gear simply made sense.  Oftentimes, nonprofits, companies, and individuals are looking for eco-friendly and socially-responsible gear, but when you really look into what’s out there, that’s hard to find.  Recover offers 100% recycled sustainable, eco-friendly, and socially responsible apparel, and works to create impact on a local and global level for winter… and beyond.  


Check out the latest TGR + Recover co-branded apparel.  You can find the goods on their site and in their in stores.


Welcome to Winter.  Get out there, and enjoy! 

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