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The Recover Local Layer

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As technical as it is environmentally friendly, Recover’s Local Layer available for pre-order now is pioneering new routes in the realms of performance and sustainability.  Designed to keep you warm, dry, and comfortable from your Monday morning meeting to your after work ride, this layer nails “feel good” from the fit to the sustainability stats.

Here’s the quick on everything you need to know about the new Recover Local Layer:


  • Designed, sourced, and sewn in North Carolina, USA
  • Made ENTIRELY in NC within a 150 mile radius of our headquarters, from the recycling center to the finished product
  • Made out of 100% recycled PET, 22 water recycled bottles per Local Layer to be exact
  • Features: Recycled YKK zippers, waffle fleece, chest pocket, flat seams & athletic fit, and 2-piece raglan sleeve for maximum comfort and movement

So, why did we spend more time than ever on R&D to make the Local Layer a reality? Because driving new norms in industry- whether that be apparel, food, building materials, whatever- to innovate and create practices and products locally drastically reduces related carbon emissions, and also increases opportunities for local jobs and strong communities. 

The Local Layer reduces Recover’s carbon emissions even further due to the relatively small transportation involved in production. For reference, globally, the apparel and footwear industries generate approximately 4 billion metric tonnes of CO2 equivalent, which is 8% of global emissions- that’s huge! A big way to create positive change is to reduce transportation of materials and products through local and nearby sourcing and production.



For us, North Carolina has a textile heritage that made the development of Recover’s Local Layer possible- but that doesn’t mean it was easy. This product speaks to what we’ve learned in the past nine years, who specializes in what, where, and why, and how to link everyone’s “bests” all together. Plus, part of Recover’s drive in social responsibility is to be an active actor in building strong communities and sustainable opportunities, and what better place to do that than right here at home. Sourcing within 150 miles of headquarters is challenging- there’s a reason people don’t jump all over it. But just because something is challenging doesn’t mean it can’t be done. We really went at it, and from start to finish we found an entire local whole supply chain, which is a big differentiator from other companies and products.

In addition to textile roots and a desire to always learn more and to push eco-friendly innovation, the creation of the Local Layer also took a certain stubbornness to adhere to “the dream vision”... of our founders -- refusing to compromise on such details as recycled zippers- after all, when we say 100% recycled, we have to mean 100% recycled.  

Last but not least, big attention was put into the development of the performance, fit, and versatility of the Local Layer. At Recover, we make apparel and accessories that you want to literally live in, and can. In this design, we placed extra attention on the best fit, taking into account torso length, sleeve length, breathability, mobility, and comfort for any every day or once in a lifetime adventure. Simply put, it can be comfortably worn inside, but also fuels that spark to get outside to get after it. We’re excited to share it with you, and thanks for helping drive the dream for something better! 


Pre-orders available now to be shipped November 4th.

Watch the Local Layer video here!

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