Made in USA

Recover’s Made in USA line is made within a 250 mile radius of our HQ in North Carolina.

While we have always kept things close to home, we have long been working to develop a 100% Made in USA supply chain. Finally, it’s here: Recover Classic Tees - from material sourcing to cut and sew - are made within a 250 mile radius of our headquarters in North Carolina. This minimizes the carbon footprint of Recover Tees, and it also makes them one of a kind made of 100% recycled materials and ALSO 100% in the USA.

With continued expansion of Recover Made in the USA, we have further invested in infrastructure in small towns in the U.S., providing opportunities in those communities and local workforce development. We can now make products faster with our even more nimble supply chain and because everything is localized, we continue to have the security of serving our customers quickly and producing high-quality products, even in uncertain times.

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