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Aviation - Project 543

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Take flight at the birthplace of aviation

The coast of North Carolina has inspired mankind for centuries, but on December 17, 1903, the pull reached new heights. Brothers Orville and Wilbur Wright achieved man’s first successfulheavier than air, powered, controlled flight that day at Kill Devil Hills near Kitty Hawk. The site is now a National Historical Memorial with a museum and reproductions of the airplanes and living quarters. The soft sand and constant wind that brought the brothers to North Carolina make the Outer Banks a great place to fly a kite or enjoy the commanding view from Big Kill Devil Hill. The Wright Brothers complex offers all sorts of activities that demonstrate the evolution of flight.

  1. Recycled plastic (PET) is collected and sorted
  2. Plastic is cleaned and chopped into flake
  3. Flake is pelletized into chips
  4. Chip is melted and extruded into new fiber
  5. Upcycled cotton scraps are collected and sorted by color
  6. Upcycled cotton is blended with recycled plastic to create a new blended fiber
  7. Blended fiber is spun into yarn
  8. Yarn is knitted into fabric
  9. Fabric is cut and sewn into a Recover Tee

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