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Drive MG Takes Recover to MLB and NBA

Drive MG Takes Recover to MLB and NBA

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We are thrilled to tell you about the work we are doing with our new distribution partner, Drive Marketing Group. Portland, Oregon-based Drive MG is the new exclusive distributor of Recover products to pro sports markets and various corporate markets across the globe.  

We’ve kicked off our partnership with Drive in an exciting way – collaborations with the New York Yankees, Portland Trail Blazers, Kansas City Chiefs, and the NBA, among others.  Pretty cool to know that fans all over nation are wearing our original 50/50 Recover Tee Shirts and that these major sports franchises are giving our 100% recycled products to fans at their games! Not to mention the fact that more folks are learning about sustainable apparel!

Mason Walker from the Portland Business Journal wrote a nice profile on the collaboration with New York Yankees and Portland Trail Blazers. It also features a great breakdown of our process. Take a moment to check it out and stay tuned for more news about our work with Drive!

Trail Blazers Team Up with Portland Agency on Recycled Shirts

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