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The Recover Artist Development (RAD) program was created to showcase and support up-and-coming artists and to promote sustainability through their music. Since RAD’s establishment in 2016, Recover has partnered with a wide range of talented independent artists, providing them with environmentally-friendly and socially-responsible merchandise to sell on the road. The artists provide the design, Recover provides the apparel, and everyone discovers great music while the word about sustainability spreads.

The RAD Acoustic series has hosted performances by Michael Nau, Floating Action, Steve Gunn, Parker Gispert, Mary Lattimore, Carter King, JPKS, Jake Fussell, Wooden Wand, Mike Gangloff, Twain, C Joynes, T. Gold, Nathan Bowles, and more as part of the regular, intimate concert series at Recover’s flagship store in Charlotte.  Here, RAD artists showcase their work and engage with fans. Of course, in true Recover style, we always partner with local craft beer partners for every show.



It’s not easy to make a living as a musician, and yet the work of musicians feeds us all, whether we’re driving up to the mountains or enjoying a night out with friends. RAD is set up to directly contribute to funding the recordings and touring efforts of independent artists through apparel sales proceeds and RAD shows. We’re working to keep the music playing, and to give musicians the opportunity to promote sustainability along the way.