How We Do It

We offer individuals and large-scale partners a way to keep old or unused t-shirts and other apparel out of the landfill — taking them back and giving them infinite life through our fully circular 360° Closed Loop program.

Send Us Your Old T-Shirts

1. Purchase a Closed Loop Return Label and we will send you a compostable mailer.
2. Fill up the mailer with your old, worn-out tees and send it back to us.
3. We recycled your old tees into new gear.
4. You receive a $10 store credit to use on a future purchase.

Interested in having a Closed Loop Bin in your store?

The more t-shirts we collect, the more waste we divert! Contact us to see if you are eligible to receive a Closed Loop Bin for your store.

Closed Loop FAQs

Sustainability is a team sport and our Closed Loop program would not be possible without our amazing manufacturing partners. We work very closely with CASW (Central American Spinning Works) in El Salvador and Material Return in North Carolina to make our circular textile recycling system a reality.