Ep. 26 - Outdoor Gear Builders

Ep. 26 - Outdoor Gear Builders

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Outdoor Gear Builders, is a collaborative group of gear manufacturers, outfitters, retailers, experience providers, environmental organizations, and more all focused on growing, supporting, and strengthening the outdoor industry throughout the Southeast.

With over 100 members (and quickly growing), we are thrilled to be joined by Executive Director, Matt Godfrey and Board Chair, Anna Rawlins (also ENO's Marketing Director) to share the background, progression, and massive impact of the organization over its 10 years of existence.

We also highlight the upcoming Get In Gear Fest on May 6th as the flagship event for OGB/OBA where the general public can check out bike/paddle/gear demos, find exclusive sales, and check out brand new product launches all while celebrating the outdoor industry.

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