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MADE X MTNS: NC is the Place to Be

MADE X MTNS: NC is the Place to Be

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You name it- climbing, biking, kayaking, hiking, camping, stand up paddle boarding, outdoor yoga- and business and career opportunities- the mountains of Western North Carolina have it all. With unmatched natural assets and a community intimately engaged in the outdoors, Western NC is the outdoor industry’s hub of the East. Western North Carolina Made By Mountains Project (MADE X MTNS) is about celebrating the places, people, and companies that are made by these mountains.


Recover is proud to partner with MADE X MTNS, and to call North Carolina home.  For us, getting into the mountains whenever we can fuels our work to design and manufacture the most environmentally friendly and socially responsible products out there.  In our backyard in NC, the fresh air and endless trails to explore create opportunities to reset, innovate, and remember why we are working for a sustainable tomorrow today.  The best part is that we’re not alone in enjoying this- more and more individuals, families, and companies are moving to set up shop in our neck of the woods for the unique balance of vibrant community, city life, and easy access to the outdoors.

Founded in 2013 to foster a prosperous outdoor industry community, Outdoor Gear Builders of Western North Carolina (OGB) is also a partner of MADE X MTNS and includes more than 60 members that represent local manufacturers, retailers, experiences, service providers and more. Recover was one of the first businesses to join back in the day, and OGB members now include businesses and nonprofits that span from ENO, to Astral, American Whitewater, Farm to Feet, and Asheville Adventure Company.  The support to cultivate and connect positive growth in Western NC is all a part of the community in these mountains.  

North Carolina has a rich heritage in the textile industry, and so it is only fitting that this new growth of local businesses takes into account our sense of past, present, and future. Our old mills may be offices, manufacturing hubs, gear shops, or breweries- many with a drive to keep things local and sustainable.  At Recover, our Made in USA line is 100% material sourced, cut, and sewn within a 250 mile radius of our North Carolina HQ, which greatly reduces transportation-related greenhouse gas emissions and supports local jobs. 


These days, the ability to maximize local supply chains is more important than ever. Kitsbow, a cycling and mountain bike apparel company in Old Fort, North Carolina is another inspiring NC Certified B Corp. that makes its apparel 100% in the USA. Kitsbow pays labor more than the median local wage, includes 100% employer-paid health insurance, and supports local trail development- so not only is this a company that is contributing to the local economy and community, they are also reducing environmental impact through local manufacturing. Kitsbow is an NC company that’s Made by Mountains. 

MADE X MTNS celebrates y’all who love mountains, builds pride of place among our locals, and connects with outdoor enthusiasts and entrepreneurs who want to start, grow, and thrive here. Visit for more information, to check out local stories and find out how to share your own MADE X MTNS story.

WNC is Made by Mountains. How will these mountains make you?     

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