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Carbon Offset Program

We created the Recover Carbon Offset Program to take action to address global climate change.  Extending account of this pressing global issue beyond all of our internal choices, the Recover Carbon Offset Program is our way of externally cultivating impact through collaboration with conscious and driven partners.  Through this program, we not only offer tees at a reduced price to partners, we also donate 20% of all proceeds to is a climate change education and outreach nonprofit that provides contributions to transparent carbon offset projects, such as reforestation work and renewable energy.  

Recover is partnered with to provide support for the Envira Amazonia Project.  Located within the heart of the Brazilian Amazon, the Envira Amazonia project will preserve over 494,000 acres of a rare and endangered tropical rainforest ecosystem, while simultaneously providing the community with a new school and major educational programs, a new health clinic, land title, and direct payment for forest conservation.  Currently, the area is dangerously  threatened by domestic and international land use pressures.  The goal of the project is to mitigate deforestation and preserve the rich biodiversity of the region, while simultaneously generating sustainable economic and education opportunities.


For every $1,000 partners spend in the Carbon Offset Program, Recover will donate $200 to the Carbon Fund, which is the equivalent of offsetting 20 metric tons of carbon emissions. To put that into perspective, driving 2,250 miles in an automobile results in 20 metric tons of carbon emissions, and the Recover Carbon Offset Program invests in addressing these impacts.

Please be in touch if you’re interested in becoming part of the Recover Carbon Offset Program.
The only way to live and work for a sustainable tomorrow is to do it together.

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