People First, Coffee Always

Established in 2012, Enderly Coffee is the love inspired dream of former teachers and co-owners Becky and Tony Santoro. Being central in their story, Becky and Tony fell in love over coffee and have relied on it daily to keep them going through their former days in the classroom and their life with their young children.

Enderly exists to lift people up throughout each step of their coffee sourcing, roasting, brewing and delivery process from farm to cup.

"We partnered early on with Recover, in 2015 [since] they are literally right down the road. As we got to know Recover and learn more about them and the whole sustainability factor, it was and continues to be really inspiring that a company can choose to do things a little differently and leave the world a little better." Tony Satoro - Co-Founder/Co-Owner, Enderly Coffee

Enderly Coffee’s downhome approach to building personal and meaningful relationships with the communities they serve is a perfect example of why Recover loves working with organizations of all sizes. Big or small … We can all have a positive impact on the people and planet around us.

Recover x Enderly Coffee Impact Stats


plastic bottles diverted from the landfill


KWH of energy saved


lbs of CO2 emissions saved


gallons of water saved

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Brew up a fresh cup of coffee and listen to Episode #28 of our Be The Impact Podcast to learn more about the partnership.