Our environmentally-friendly and socially-responsible fabric is at the core of our mission.

Our signature sustainable Recover fabrics boast comfort, softness, performance, and durability. They include our 50/50 recycled cotton/polyester blend, our 100% recycled polyester blend, and our new 100% certified USA organic cotton, which is farmed, milled, and cut and sewn within a 250 mile radius of our headquarters in North Carolina.

This is what we’re made of...


A blend of post-consumer plastic and post-industrial cotton scraps, the Classic Tee’s fabric is a 50/50 cotton/polyester blend, which gives it both the softness of cotton and the performance of polyester. The Classic Tee is our signature product- the soft, vintage lifestyle tee you never want to take off. By upcycling cotton, we use pre colored yarns, which allows us to bypass the dyeing process entirely and save over 10 times the amount of water and energy used to make a conventionally dyed shirt. Recover fabric colors are rich and have a heather look that can only be achieved by using recycled fibers. As a result, Classic Tee fabric is not only the most environmentally friendly shirt on the market, it is also one of the most unique.


The Sport Tee’s fabric is made entirely out of the post-consumer plastic bottles and packaging that get thrown in the recycling bin. How is a shirt made with plastic so soft? All polyester is plastic based, so Recover simply uses recycled plastic instead of virgin plastic to make a better product. We collect post-consumer plastic, sort it, wash it, shave it into flakes, melt it into pellets, extrude the pellets into yarn, and then knit it, finish it, and sew it into the tee that’s perfect for everything active: run, bike, surf, hike, paddle, chill. This performance fabric wicks moisture, dries fast, and is extremely comfortable.


Recover’s organic cotton fabric is the best of the best- 100% organic and local. Recover organic cotton is farmed, milled, cut and sewn in the Southeast, all within a 250 mile radius of our headquarters in North Carolina. It’s locally grown, minimizing transportation carbon emissions, and grown in the USA, where organic certification is upheld to its highest standards. At the end of its long life, our new soft organic cotton line fully biodegrades. Truly unique, our organic cotton redefines eco-friendly and socially-responsible.

Eco Fabric


The Eco Tee is Recover’s new line made with 100% recycled materials. This tee boasts a remarkably minimized carbon footprint because it is made entirely in our state of the art El Salvador facility, which eliminates transportation and related greenhouse gas emissions throughout the supply chain. With fabric made from post-industrial cotton scraps and post-consumer plastic, the 60/40 cotton/polyester blend Eco Tee is exceptionally soft, durable, and sustainable. It has the same tried and true lifestyle fit of the Classic Tee. Largely powered by solar energy, the making of the Eco Tee also provides fair wages to workers in the local community. In our journey of constant innovation for a sustainable tomorrow today, the Recover Eco Tee leads the way in environmentally friendly and socially responsible apparel, from fabric, to fit, to impact.


With brushed fleece for the ultimate cozy and extreme softness, Recover outerwear is made of the same 50/50 upcycled cotton/ recycled polyester blend as our Classic Tee. This 100% recycled material fabric is made for those cooler winter, spring, and fall days and nights. Boasting both the softness of cotton and the performance of polyester, this fabric is made of heavier weight yarn and nap fleece. When compared to conventionally-dyed outerwear, our Recover process for making this feel-good, cozy, and high-performance fabric saves over 10 times the water and energy. The unique, rich colors can only be created from our blend of upcycled materials.