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We have all been affected by the coronavirus pandemic in one way or another, and sadly, businesses across the country and globe are feeling the immediate negative impact of the economic shutdown.

In response, we have created a new way for partners to create immediate operating capital through merch sales. This Platform allows individuals in your audience to make direct purchases and put their money towards your business.


How it works

1. Create a shirt design. We have artists on staff to help with that. 1 print location with 1-2 ink colors.

2. Once the design is approved, the shirt is added online with a custom url: (supportlocal will be replaced with your community name).

3. Start by sharing your url via text, email, social media, etc.

4. Campaign runs for 2 weeks and then a check gets sent to your small business beneficiaries at the end of the campaign.

5. Once the campaign ends, we print the shirts and drop ship to all of your supporters so you never have to do anything with the product.

A couple notes...

The process is simple, and we're here to help. Please be in touch to start your online fundraiser today.

**We will respond to your inquiry within 1 business day.
For immediate assistance, please call us at 888-897-9243.