Protect Our Parks

As Bill Johnston, Recover’s Co-Founder puts it, “Protect Our Parks is a testimony to the right of all people to have these awesome public lands, and to how paramount that access is for individuals physically and mentally. We are passionate outdoors people, and our love of the outdoors and the environment is why we founded the company. ”

Consistently acting from our mission, Recover launched the Protect Our Parks campaign this Memorial day to spread awareness, promote engagement, and motivate action to protect and preserve our nation’s wild places. With the goal to sell 500 Protect Our Parks shirts by Labor Day, Recover’s Protect Our Parks campaign donates proceeds from these sales directly to the National Park Foundation, a nonprofit that designs programs to connect families and kids to parks in order to energize future stewardship.

Protect Our Parks

A Recover Film.

In this film, up and coming film maker and friend of Recover Tristan Pelletier connects with Recover Ambassador and climber Kresten Anderson, Recover Ambassador and mother of two Michaelyn Koss Foy, Recover Operations Manager Kyle Clark and her mom Lisa, and Recover Co-Founder Bill Johnston to discuss why National Parks and public lands are important to them.

Ultimately, National Parks and public lands are one of our national and global community’s greatest classrooms, sources of health, and roots of inspiration. Their value, integrity and preservation are important to all of us.

Featuring an original track from Carter King, a RAD artist and lead singer and guitarist for the band Futurebirds, we hope this film motivates you to join Recover to Protect Our Parks today and help us meet our fundraising goal for the National Park Foundation.

Telling the Story

With Recover

Protect Our Parks: Hanging by a Pinch with Kresten Anderson

Climbers have to make the most of what’s right in front of them. They can’t change where a foot or handhold is or how far apart the holds are; it’s up to them to solve the existing puzzle. Breathe. Assess. Go for it. Maybe fail. Innovate. Try again. Try Hard. That’s what gets them to the top. And the more they do it, the more they are able to see the rock with a different set of eyes: eyes that see possibility in what others would see as impossible.

Kresten Anderson grew up in the forests and on the river banks of Brevard, North Carolina. Noting that Brevard doesn’t have a lot going on in terms of partying and clubs to sneak into, in high school Anderson and the local crew would go camping or hang out by the river.

“Being outside is the best part of growing up,” smiles Kresten as he continues, “I remember the best part of school was being outside at recess, and after school, the best thing to do was to go play outside. I’m obviously still ‘growing up,’ but I don't know what would happen if we had a whole generation of people who didn't go outside and who just sat on their phones all day idealizing. It’s so important to have a place to go play at the end of the day; really, we literally need public lands to save ourselves.”

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Why I Joined Recover to Protect Our Parks with Kyle and Lisa Clark

For the Clark family, “family” means you’re in it together. This is not in a supposed, metaphorical or ideological sense, literally you are side by side in anything from a triathlon to a National Park vacation.

Amidst Blue Ridge Relays and multi-sport family trips to Alaska, Hawaii, Yellowstone, and who knows where next, Kyle Clark has also been a full-time member of the Recover team since 2014. Whether working for Recover in the office or at an event, Kyle wears more hats than we can count. Upon hearing about Recover and its mission, she was “fully on board from day one.”

At the spry age of 54, Kyle’s mom Lisa is hard to keep up with on any race course (Bill, Recover’s president can attest to this), but we were lucky enough to catch her and talk to this mother-daughter team about their perspective on the importance of Protect Our Parks to their family… and to all of us.have a place to go play at the end of the day; really, we literally need public lands to save ourselves.”

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Why I joined Recover to Protect Our Parks with Michaelyn Koss Foy

Michaelyn Koss Foy is one of those energetic, magnetic women who “has had every job under the sun.” Currently, she is settled into one of the hardest full-time professions out there: motherhood.

As part of Recover’s Protect Our Parks summer campaign, we will be featuring spotlight interviews with everyday Americans who inspire us, and who are inspired by our nation’s National Parks. This month, we are featuring Michaelyn, from Asheville, North Carolina.

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Protect Our Parks with Bill Johnston

As the sun dove below the horizon on a short January day, the idea for Protect Our Parks sparked while Recover's President Bill Johnston was on a run. For all of us, moving outdoors in any capacity is a natural means to unplug, unwind, blow off steam, and process.

Fueled by the piece of Recover's mission to inspire and educate, creating a tee that donates $5 directly to the National Park Foundation with every sale turned from spark to ignition. While mountain biking on the trails in Pisgah National Forest this summer, we caught up with Bill. Straight from the source, this is how and why Protect Our Parks was created.

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