USA Supply Chain

The textile-rich heritage of the southeast and the communities that are at its core are near and dear to us. That’s why Recover’s Made in USA is 100% made within a 250 mile radius of our HQ in North Carolina from material sourcing to cut and sew, providing local jobs and greatly reducing carbon emissions. Aiming to be a driver in supporting local employment, education, and communities, Recover has invested in local infrastructure in small towns in the southeast to support jobs and provide demand for recycled materials right here at home.

Central America Supply Chain

Sustainability is at the core of what we do at Recover; not just from the materials that we use, but also where and how we make the product. Our state of the art factory in El Salvador is a fully integrated vertical manufacturing facility where every step of the supply chain is done within the same facility - from spinning recycled fibers into yarn to sewing a finished garment. By controlling our supply chain and having everything under one roof, we are able to offer exceptional quality with quick leads and affordable pricing. Plus, our carbon footprint is significantly minimized by eliminating transportation throughout the supply chain.