Soccer as a Catalyst for Environmental and Social Responsibility

Based in Burlington, VT and playing in the USL’s League 2, Vermont Green FC has embarked on an ambitious mission to embed environmental justice into its competitive strategy, operational processes, and culture since its founding in 2022.

The Club believes soccer can be a powerful catalyst for a more environmentally sustainable and socially just world and has implemented a wide range of initiatives to deliver on that mission above and beyond the soccer pitch itself.

"Recover’s focus on circularity, from sourcing recycled materials, to upcycling fabrics into new garments, and closing the loop with customers to upcycle into new apparel is something we knew we wanted to support and be a part of, and is what we need to do economy-wide, across industries." Keil Corey - Co-Founder & Chief Purpose Officer, Vermont Green FC

Recover has worked with Vermont Green FC since their inception and is proud to provide a full line of sustainable merchandise items and a truly circular system for taking back used shirts to keep them out of the landfill. Recover was also honored to support Vermont Green FC in-person support during our Nationwide Closed Loop Tour in 2023.

Recover x Vermont Green FC Impact Stats


plastic bottles diverted from the landfill


KWH of energy saved


lbs of CO2 emissions saved



gallons of water saved

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Lace up your soccer spikes or grab your vuvuzela and listen to Episode #4 of our Be The Impact Podcast to learn more about the partnership with Vermont Green FC founders Keil Corey and Matt Wolff.


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