Recover Coozie

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Made from upcycled wetsuits. Ever worn a wetsuit and thought, neoprene would be the perfect material to hug your beverage? Well now that puzzling question is a reality. The Recover coozie fits tight, looks rad, and keeps your beverage cool. Plus it is made from upcycled materials that would otherwise go to the landfill.


  • 100% upcycled content
  • Easily fits most cans or bottles


  • Upcycled wetsuits
  1. Recycled plastic (PET) is collected and sorted
  2. Plastic is cleaned and chopped into flake
  3. Flake is pelletized into chips
  4. Chip is melted and extruded into new fiber
  5. Upcycled cotton scraps are collected and sorted by color
  6. Upcycled cotton is blended with recycled plastic to create a new blended fiber
  7. Blended fiber is spun into yarn
  8. Yarn is knitted into fabric
  9. Fabric is cut and sewn into a Recover Tee

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