4 Quick Tips to Protect Yourself and Make Roadways Safer for Bike Travel

4 Quick Tips to Protect Yourself and Make Roadways Safer for Bike Travel

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The love for cycling and mountain biking is well documented in Recover’s history. Preliminary business models stemmed from conversations while riding in 2009. The Recover van served as a support vehicle while a group of Recover friends and supporters rode the Blue Ridge Parkway (476 miles) in 2017. More recently, we showcased our HyperLocal USA supply chain by cycling it in a single day which we highlighted in the Short Film “Local Supply Cycle” and proudly, the very first episode of the “Be The Impact” Podcast. Of course, this is in addition to our full line of cycling jerseys available HERE.

It's no mistake that we love our time pushing pedals, and we also want to share a few tips to consider BEFORE you get on your bike in the first place. Aside from informing your friends and family of your riding route and plans, these quick tips are great to know for all two-wheeled travelers whether on your daily commute or on your all-day training ride. We can all agree on safer and more friendly roadways. 

Support Your Local Bicycle Advocacy Group: 

Our individual efforts to promote safer and more viable cycling accessibility are critical, however it is important to understand that there are countless organizations across the country that focus specifically on bicycle advocacy full time! These organizations are often times better suited to advocate for non-automobile transport at the local and state governmental level.  

Ex: In North Carolina, BikeWalkNC.org is the state advocacy group and Sustain Charlotte is our local advocacy group (Recover proudly supports Sustain Charlotte’s annual Biketoberfest). 

People for Bikes is a national advocacy group whose goal is to simply make bike riding better for everyone. 

Check Your Insurance Policy: 

Did you know that in most states, you are covered under your auto insurance even while riding your bike? Connect with your insurance agent and talk through your options. It is better to know what your coverage is BEFORE you find yourself in a situation where you might need to place an insurance claim. 

Ex: Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist (UM/UIM) coverage on your policy could provide coverage for your injuries above and beyond that limit.

Understand Your Local Bicycle Rules and Regulations: 

This one can get a little tricky since bicycle rules vary from state to state and city to city, however there are a number of resources available to brush up on your knowledge before heading out in your local area. 

Ex: The League of America Bicyclists is a great resource for various State Bike Laws and ongoing educational session. Cycling Savvy is a great resource for cyclists continuing education to ensure you are staying informed on rules and regulations. If you are based in North Carolina, check out the Ride Guide for some helpful information.

Know Who To Contact For Legal Advice: 

As much as we all want to live in a problem-free world, our reality isn’t always that clean cut. Being aware and familiar with the available resources in your area in the case of a time of need is half the battle.  

Ex: Bike Law is a national network of independent bicycle advocates and attorneys that specialize in bicycle crash litigation. 

We are clear supporters of more sustainable transportation options and cycling is at the top of the list. The more proactive we can all be in educating ourselves and those around us to create safer and equitable roadways, the better it will be for our health, communities, and our planet. 


Recover has partnered with Human Powered Movement for a yearlong series of “Recreation 101” topics to provide adventurers with tools, information, and knowledge to get outside more often and appreciate our natural environment in new ways. If you want to learn more, check out the "Rules of the Road with Bike Law” session recap video HERE.

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