Closed Loop Tour Recap

Closed Loop Tour Recap

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Recover Closed Loop has been on the road since February, popping up Closed Loop Drop Offs at events, tradeshows, and retail locations across the US for anyone to drop off unwanted cotton and polyester tees. Instead of ending up in the landfill, we upcycle your old tees into new Recover gear.


The development of the Recover Closed Loop program was in the works for years, driving to innovate and create truly sustainable apparel that has endless life; we were excited to bring it to reality in 2020. The Recover Closed Loop program allows us to take back any old tees, not just Recover tees, and put them back into our supply chain, saving water, energy, and other finite resources, and curbing demand for landfills and their related climate change emissions.  We create new sustainable Recover apparel with your recycled tees. 

Stoked to get the word out and more Closed Loop drop-off bins at events and retailers across the US, the Recover Closed Loop Tour launched at Running USA in Denver this February. The industry conference brought together vendors, events, and industry experts to unite in growing running and industry opportunities. The Tour cruised throughout spring and the US, popping up at an amazing line up of events and spreading the word about closing the loop. From Denver, we headed to the ACA, Napa Valley Marathon and Half Marathon, USNWC Color Me Green race, Blue Star Blitz, Mountains to Sea Challenge, Tuck Fest, Specialty Coffee Association, Blue Ridge Marathon, OGB Get in Gear, Craft Brewers Conference, Riverkeeper Riverfest, and Legion Brewing.

This past weekend, we wrapped up the tour with a Vermont Green FC game, which was a Closed Loop Game featuring a “Circularity Night” at the June 24 match against AC Connecticut. The Circularity Night highlighted the Vermont Green FC x Recover partner initiative to have Closed Loop drop boxes at all Vermont Green FC games. With Vermont Green FC, the Closed Loop Program will be a new way for fans to get directly involved with the soccer club’s sustainability efforts by fans having the opportunity to bring used clothing to games that will be collected and recycled into new Recover garments, effectively keeping hundreds of pounds of textile out of the landfills.

If we didn’t make it to a retailer or event near you, you can always purchase a Closed Loop Mailer and we will send you a compostable mailer that you fill up with your old, worn-out tees and send it back to us. We recycle your old tees into new gear and you receive a $10 store credit to use on a future purchase!

Recover is all about working for a sustainable tomorrow today and we are closing the loop. Join us and see you out at future events!

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