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Protect Our Parks

Protect Our Parks

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Launched in 2017, Recover’s Protect Our Parks initiative was established to protect the places we love.  

Through partnerships with high-impact change makers, Recover created Protect Our Parks to spread awareness, promote engagement, and motivate action to protect and preserve our nation’s wild places.  It is the integrated systems of these wild places that provide us with clean air and clean water, resilience in a changing world, and that indescribable sense of freedom that arises when you take the first step on an empty trail. 

What began with Recover donating proceeds directly to the National Park Foundation for every Protect Our Parks original tee sold, quickly expanded into a wider initiative with ever-growing partnerships and impact.  Here’s how it works: Recover’s Protect Our Parks initiative donates proceeds back to public lands, so that we can all continue to enjoy them. Protect Our Parks collections include the Recover National Parks Tee Collection and the I Heart Pisgah Tee.  

Our National Parks Recover Tee collection is a limited edition artist series that features our nation’s most iconic public lands as seen through the eyes of free-flowing painter John Springer. For this National Parks Artist Collection, Springer captured iconic landscapes in Smoky Mountain, Grand Teton, Yosemite, Arches, and Grand Canyon National Parks.  We worked together to print them on Recover Tees to showcase the awe and luster of intact public lands that as of now, we all benefit from and get to enjoy. We look forward to releasing a new National Park series, so keep that on your radar.

The Protect Our Parks I Heart Pisgah Recover Tee supports the I Heart Pisgah organization, which is made up of hundreds of businesses and organizations and thousands of individuals who are working to ensure the public’s voice is heard as the U.S. Forest Service finalizes a 30-year plan for the Pisgah-Nantahala National Forest.  The organization’s goal is to assure that the most important recreation and conservation areas are protected.  Recover is donating proceeds directly to the organization for every I Heart Pisgah Tee you buy.  The Pisgah-Nantahala Forest Plan is now open for comment for a limited time period, and I Heart Pisgah has information on how to submit a comment to make sure your voice is heard regarding use of this public land.

We at Recover further value diving into public land action right here in our own backyard, partnering, directly donating, and volunteering with Catawba, Watauga, Green, and French Broad Riverkeepers, organizations that work to keep water that flows through public lands, private lands, and our communities safe to drink, swim, and recreate in. 

Summer is the time to get outside, enjoy favorite spots, and discover new ones.  Adventures to National Parks and the wild public lands throughout the U.S. are a unique opportunity and privilege- such extensive public lands to hike, bike, run, kayak, and play in are unparalleled.  It is up to all of us to leave these places better than we found them- packing in what we pack out, picking up any trash we see, leaving wildlife to be wild by enjoying being captivated from afar, and following guidelines to reduce human impact, especially in high use areas.  It is also up to all of us to get involved in stewardship and protection of the places we love, which starts with finding those doing good work in your local area and jumping in or leading the charge yourself!


“We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors,

We borrow it from our children.”

-Native American proverb


At Recover, we’re taking action to support the immeasurable value of our nation’s wild places and continued opportunities for all to enjoy the outdoors. 


Join us to Protect Our Parks 

and check out our collections that give directly to protection of our public lands.

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