Recover Closed Loop

  • Problem

    Every year, the average American throws away 81 lbs of apparel waste.

  • Solution

    Recover's Closed Loop program enables us to take back any old tee and put it back into our supply chain.

Want to help us close the loop?

  1. Purchase a Closed Loop Return Label and we will send you a compostable mailer.
  2. Fill up your compostable mailer with your old, worn-out tees and send it back to us.
  3. We recycle your old tees into new gear.
  4. You receive a $10 store credit to use on a future purchase!
Get Started

Are you a retailer who cares about sustainable initiatives and are interested in including a Closed Loop Bin in your space?

Contact us at and we’ll be happy to walk you through the process to get you set up.

Closed Loop FAQ

What can I recycle?

We are able to recycle Cotton and Polyester tees. Please do not send back any times that have buttons, zippers, or elastic.

Where do I drop off my mailer?

Any USPS drop off location.

What do we do with your old tees?

We recycle your old tees into new Recover gear by putting them back into our supply chain.

What do I do if I have a bulk amount of shirts I want to recycle?

If you are a business or organization looking to recycle a bulk amount of tees, please contact for more information.

Sustainability is a team sport and our Closed Loop program would not be possible without our amazing manufacturing partners. We work very closely with CASW (Central American Spinning Works) in El Salvador and Material Return in North Carolina to make our circular textile recycling system a reality.