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Since the beginning, our mission has been to create the best, most environmentally friendly and socially responsible products possible, and to educate and inspire those around us to live and work for a sustainable tomorrow. 

When we started, we set out to build a company to address one of the world’s most pressing challenges: trash.  To do this, we wanted to develop innovative processes, use recycled plastic bottles and upcycle cotton waste, cultivate positive benefits to local communities, support environmental education, and ultimately design an entire system that is sustainable- minimizing not only waste water and carbon footprint, but also minimizing the potential of creating more waste. 

It takes time to achieve big-picture goals.  We’ve been working on the idea of “Closing the Loop” of our production from the start, and finally, it’s here- a way for your Recover tee to have an infinite life and avoid the landfill and the woes of the second-hand clothing system.

Here’s how it works: