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We have been a mission driven company since our inception in 2010, when we set out to make the most environmentally friendly and socially responsible products possible.  To us, a big part of sustainability is durability, and we strive to build products that will stand the test of time; but we also recognize that apparel doesn't last forever, and your favorite t-shirts will eventually need to be retired.  That's where our Closed Loop Program comes in - we are excited to offer all of you, our customers, a way to keep your old t-shirts out of the landfill by giving them infinite life through a fully circular textile recycling system.



The average American throws away 81 lbs of apparel each year. Multiplied by every American, there is an unfathomable amount of textile waste entering landfills, incinerators, and our environment. 


Our Closed Loop program allows us to take back any old tee, not just Recover tees, and put them back into our supply chain. We are able to create new gear with your recycled tees.


Want to take part in our Closed Loop program? Here’s how.


1. Purchase a Closed Loop Return Label and we will send you a compostable mailer.

2. Fill up your compostable mailer with as many tees as you can, and send it back to us.

3. We recycle your old tees into new gear.

4. You receive $10 store credit to use on a future purchase!

Get Started!


Let's work together to close the loop and keep apparel waste out of the landfill.