A Long Standing Partnership Driven By Future Leaders

The Island School, located in Cape Eleuthera, The Bahamas, empowers young people in their "coming of age" journey through experiential education on their immersive and sustainable campus. At its core, the school's teaching philosophy is based on the simple question of "how do we live well in a place?" This ethos is rooted in conservation, sustainability, collaboration, accountability and personal development

A few young thought-leaders looked at their school uniforms and asked that same inquisitive "how do we live well'' question many years ago. The answer was quickly found in Recover, which has provided sustainable and recyclable school uniforms and athletic apparel for The Island School since 2012.

"We put Recover up against Patagonia, Under Armour and, some other big brands. Recover won the day for a lot of reasons. You had a full story. There was no, ‘I don’t know where it’s made. I don’t know where the materials come from.’ And it also just felt good. It was lightweight and it held up in our kind of tropical environment where we’re running and swimming and doing all that stuff.” - Chris Maxey - Founder, The Island School

This long standing partnership is a prime example of how we support organizations of all shapes and sizes through responsibly made apparel and how we gain inspiration from others doing amazing work for a more sustainable tomorrow, today.

Recover x The Island School Impact Stats


plastic bottles diverted from the landfill


KWH of energy saved


lbs of CO2 emissions saved



gallons of water saved

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Recover Reader

An Interview with Chris Maxey, Co-Founder of The Island School