10 Ways You Can Give Back to the Earth this Month

10 Ways You Can Give Back to the Earth this Month

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Happy Earth Month from Recover! Earth Month and Earth Day (April 22) were established as proactive environmental initiatives after the 1969 massively destructive oil spill in Santa Barbara, and have since grown to be celebrated by hundreds of millions around the globe every year. With spring in the air, Earth Month provides all of us an opportunity to get a fresh start with a little bit of giving back to something that gives us- well- everything.

Here are ten tips for giving back to the Earth this month:

1. Grow native plant species

April is a time when the garden and yard have new beginnings, and it’s more important than ever to seek out native plant species to integrate. Plant species that are native to your area, not only contribute to reviving local ecosystems, but also are literally “built” to thrive in your local climate and put much less stress on resources such as water in drought-prone areas.

2. Support environmental justice organizations in your community

Marginalized communities bear the weight of a large amount of negative environmental impacts from industry practices and individual habits. Seeking out opportunities to support environmental intersectionality is crucial. Here are some to get you started: Intersectional Environmentalist, Black Farmer Fund, Climate Justice Alliance, Sunrise Movement, Indigenous Environmental Network, Honor The Earth, and Living Lands & Waters.

3. Indulge in being a lifelong learner

There are some amazing podcasts, documentaries, books, articles, talks, and classes that raise awareness about environmental challenges and action-based solutions. Podcasts are a particularly great way to tune in, as you can put one on while you’re cooking dinner, going for a walk, or starting your spring cleaning. Check out our Recover Be the Impact Podcast, TED Climate, and How to Save a Planet for a start!

4. Pick up trash

It’s as simple as that. Pick up trash. If you see it, pick it up, recycle it if possible, or throw it away. Earth Month is a great time to put together a couple of designated trash clean ups with a group of friends or an organization on your local waterways, trails, and neighborhoods. Recover sponsors a monthly clean up with Catawba Riverkeeper so if you’re in the area, we’d love to see you out there!

5. Donate to and volunteer with an environmental organization.

Even if it’s $5, make a donation of whatever you can to a local environmental organization doing impactful work and seek out volunteer opportunities with these organizations this month. Environmental organizations depend on donations and volunteers to keep operations going for efforts that help keep our water and air clean, work for climate change mitigation and adaptation, and support healthy environments, which are essential for healthy communities.

6. Use environmentally friendly spring-cleaning products.

Unfortunately, many cleaning products contain chemicals that are toxic to your family and the environment’s health. There are tons of great options out there for family and environmentally-friendly cleaning products such as Seventh Generation and Mrs. Meyers.

7. Compost

Food scraps are the number one material sent to our nation’s landfills, and they contribute to climate-change related methane emissions. Starting a compost is simple and easy and makes a big impact over time. Check out Get the Dirt on Composting and How to Start Your Own Compost.

8. Shop with intention

When you’re shopping, first consider what you need and what you don’t. Then look for goods that are made with the environment and communities in mind, from the packaging to the process. At Recover, our mission is to make the most environmentally-friendly socially responsible products possible. Check out our newest Closed Loop program to see how we give your Recover clothes infinite life.

9. Opt out of single-use anything

Whether single-use plastic water or soda bottles or to-go coffee mugs, this month be sure to grab your reusable water bottles, mugs, tupperware, and grocery bags. Reduce waste and make it happen to use reusable vs. grabbing single-use.

10. Engage with your elected officials

Your elected officials represent you and are crucial to policy implementation for climate change mitigation and adaptation, clean air and water, and other environmental initiatives. Voting for officials that support this important work is crucial, as is staying engaged with them to let them know development and upholding of environmental policies are a priority for the sustainability and thriving of all of our local communities. This month, write a letter or make a call to an elected official to let them know what is important to you. Check out tips on How to Take Action for Clean Air and Climate Mitigation.


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