How to Find Farm Fresh Food Near You

How to Find Farm Fresh Food Near You

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Eating local, farm-fresh food reduces transportation-related carbon emissions, supports local economies, and, let’s be honest- it tastes better! But, how do you find farm-fresh food nearby? 

Here are our top 5 Sustainability Tips for finding (and enjoying) farm-fresh food near you!

1. Find regenerative farms in your area

Compared to conventional, large-scale agriculture, regenerative agriculture describes a style of farming practices that mitigate climate change, increase organic matter in soil, increase biodiversity, improve water retention, support better food nutrition, and grow environmental and health benefits. Regenerative Farmers of America provides a map for you to find and connect with farm fresh food that is changing the world for the better near you.

2. Sign up for a CSA

A CSA, which stands for “community-supported agriculture,” is like getting a subscription to farm-fresh food for a season. You usually pay for it upfront, which offers support to local farmers at the beginning of their growing seasons to get seeds in the ground, and then you get a share of what’s grown throughout the season. This is a great way to eat with the seasons, eat fantastic food, and support local farmers. You can search for local CSAs in your area on Local Harvest and by inquiring at farmers' markets.

3. Track down your closest farmers' markets 

Local farmers' markets have so much delicious food and offer a great opportunity to get to know the local farms and farmers in your area. Often, there can be great music and a fun scene. Local Harvest also provides a search for farmers markets in your area, and there is also a National Farmers Market Directory

4. Stay connected with your local farmers 

Making connections with your local farmers at farmers' markets and inquiring about CSAs, bulk buys, and options to buy frozen or fresh goods throughout the year, even when farmers' markets have reduced days or are shut down is a great way to stay connected with local, farm fresh food throughout the entire year. Plus, some farms offer the opportunity to visit and pick up goods, and you can see where and how your food is grown.

5. Check out the raw milk finder

A Campaign for Real Milk provides a map of farms that you can connect with if you’re interested in raw milk. Once you find the farm closest to you, you can click on the location, see the name of the farm, and click on the farm name to learn their location, website, and more information.

Further food for thought…

Check out the Recover Be The Impact Podcast on Refuge Farm.

Regenerative agriculture and why it's good for your health and local economies.

In 2017 Emily and Cam O'Sullivan started with a simple concept to grow and harvest food for their family's use.  This idea turned into a full blown regenerative farm and sustainable business called Refuge Farm that not only provides nutrient-rich and organic whole foods for the intentional consumer but also educates the market on the environmental and health benefits of regenerative agriculture for a leaner, cleaner, and greener future.


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